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Client Testimonials

Dear Midwives and Sonia,

With your guidance and care I was able to experience childbirth 2 ways. Your work to present childbirth as a natural process that can usually proceed without intervention is critical to the well being of women, children and future generations. Your faith and confidence in a woman's power and her body's wisdom is contagious, and I hope that attitude will permeate back into the medical and social systems around childbirth.  Every woman deserves to have your care and to have a fighting chance at the empowering experience of birthing a baby how her body was meant to...  the foundation of your care, and the premise it rides on, is that we can do it. Your normalize natural healthy pregnancy and childbirth.  I just love it.  Mount Everest wouldn't be so crowded if more women were helped along in having a natural labour and birth.  I certainly feel like I've accomplished a feat akin to climbing a big ol' mountain and have ticked that off my bucket list.

K. E. 


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