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Postpartum Topics


Newborn Screening

Heart Disease Screening

Hearing Screen Info

Hearing Screen Phone Number: RVH 1-800-675-1979

What is Jaundice?

When Your Baby Needs Phototherapy

Vitamin D

Normal Newborn Behaviour

Taking Care of the Umbilical Stump

Circumcision - Historical Context (Video)

Circumcision - Canadian Pediatric Society

National Organisation of Circumcision Information Resource Centres

Bathing a Newborn

Register a Birth in Ontario

Canadian Pediatric Society

About KidsHealthTrusted Answers from The Hospital for Sick Children

Caring For Kids


Breastfeeding support groups, online and in person

Breastfeeding - Canadian Pediatric Society

Collingwood Well Baby Clinic (access to a Lactation Consultant after discharge from midwifery care)

International Breastfeeding Centre (Jack Newman Clinic)


Sex after the baby arrives:


Online and in person parenting support groups hosted by a RN Psychotherapist, Workshops including Infant CPR and Choking, Introducing Solids & Intuitive eating, free webinars, perinatal psychotherapy.

Click here for additional links to local and online service providers.


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