The Collingwood Clinic offers prenatal and postpartum appointments in Collingwood at 9811A Beachwood Road. Clients can give birth at home and Collingwood General and Marine Hospital. To become a client at the Collingwood clinic, please fill in an INTAKE FORM.

Midwives provide free, expert care during pregnancy and for six week after the baby is born.

  • It is free to see a midwife. Midwives are paid by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
  • Midwives see pregnancy and birth as a healthy time in your life
  • All through pregnancy, labour, birth and the first six weeks of your baby's life, you will be cared for by a small group of midwives. This means that you are likely to know the midwife who delivers your baby

The clinic is located at 9811A Beachwood Road, Collingwood, and we offer births at home or the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital (CGMH). 

Midwives are experts in normal pregnancy and birth

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