Sandra Fincham R.M.

Registered Midwife

‚ÄčI graduated from the Laurentian Midwifery Programme in June 2009. Growing up, I always had a passion and interest for women's health issues, and primarily the experience of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum care. I feel very privileged to be included in your experience.

Prior to commencing midwifery, I received an undergraduate honours degree in Psychology at York University and during that time I was able to gain knowledge about midwives as primarily health care providers. I realized the philosophy of midwifery care was something I really wanted to be a part of.

Throughout my education I was able to work with midwives in Owen Sound and spent the majority of placement in Sudbury. I also did placements in Scarborough, Mount Sinai hospital in the NICU and with Jack Newman's breastfeeding clinic. While living in Toronto, I volunteered as a labour support person through an organisation called Jessie's Centre. I began working with Midwives Nottawasaga in June 2009.