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Important information regarding how we are providing care during the Covid 19 Pandemic 

We have had to make changes to the way we provide care to keep ourselves and our community as safe as possible.  Please know that our Facebook page is the most current and up to date place to get information.  As of May 23rd, here are important things to know.

Current updates to CGMH policy: 


1. Support people are now permitted in the OR for C-Sections (if clinically appropriate) 

2. Support people no longer have in and out privileges during the hospital stay.  Please bring a support person that is able to come and stay during the entire labour, birth and postpartum, if you can.  Drop offs of food and other items at the main hospital entrance are possible if necessary.  Please plan to bring extra food with you if you can. Bagged meals for support people will be available from the hospital kitchen. 

3. everyone on the OB floor is required to wear a mask at all times. This includes birthing people and their support person.

4. support people should bring at least one change of clothes, as they will need to change their clothes if needing to leave the labour and birth room

5. if support person screens positive for suspected CV-19 they will not be permitted inside the hospital

6. If you are able, please bring a gentle baby wash soap for giving babe a bath soon after birth.  We will also ask that birthing people shower or wash their abdomen before delivery.  There is soap available on the OB unit if you do not bring your own.

General guidelines regarding care during CV-19:

1) If you are ill, please don’t come to the clinic. Call the clinic and we will reschedule your appointment.
2) we are doing essential clinical visits only at this time. Your midwife will call you to discuss rescheduling your appointment to a later time if it is clinically appropriate.  Some visits can be done over the phone. 
3) we are conducting prenatal conversations and education and CV 19 screening over the phone.  This will keep in person clinic visits brief (approx 10 min or less) for checking your blood pressure, listening to the baby and measuring your growth.
3) please wait in your car when you arrive at the clinic for your appointment. Call the office at 705-446-2511 and let our administrator know you've arrived. You'll be asked a few questions for screening before entering the clinic. Then your midwife will come out to your car to take your temperature, before bringing you into the clinic space
4) Wash or sanitize your hands upon entering the clinic. Please avoid touching surfaces unless necessary
5) Please do not bring any extra people to your appointment.
This includes children. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes.
6) we are minimizing home visits at this time to reduce midwives exposure and keep us healthy and able to continue providing care. You may be asked to come to our clinic for assessments and postpartum visits. We will reassess this strategy on an ongoing basis as we appreciate that home visits are of great value to our clients. We apologize for this temporary change to our practice.

As always, we are sanitizing rooms between clients. We are stepping up sanitization of doorknobs, seating and other surfaces. We have masks (if required) and hand sanitizer available upon entering the clinic, while supplies last.

Home births are still available as long as everyone in your household is well and screens negative for symptoms of CV 19.

Important changes to hospital birthing policy:
Starting Monday March 16th, only 1 support person or visitor will be permitted on the OB/Birthing floor at CMGH.  This support person will not have in and out privileges, once in, they will not be readmitted if they leave.  In addition, we request as always clients page their team midwife before presenting at the hospital as initial Covid 19 screening needs to be done over the phone before you arrive. If you require a caesarian section at CGMH, we now have enough PPE to allow support people in the operating room. Your midwife will also be present to support you and your baby. Babies are permitted to come to recovery with birthing parent only under certain conditions. Please know we will advocate to provide skin to skin in the OR and to minimise separation of parents and babes. Nitronox or "laughing gas" is not currently available for pain management.  Bathtubs and showers are once again available for use during labour.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation. Please contact the clinic if you have any questions. 











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